Why AI will increase jobs demand in the future

many articles said it will decrease but I will try to explain why it increase and it will be that way alongside other technologies.

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Have you ever wondered, when you go to work you don’t have to stir a car because the AI will do it for you? When you go to the cafe or restaurant, your food or drink will be quick because the AI will do it for you. And you chillin' and started thinking,

Where are the f***ing humans?

Why is everything are robots?

Robots are stealing human's jobs and they will try to replace us.

Well, I don't think so.

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Do you know this? This is a typewriter. it was used and very popular in the 1800s, and it helped the industry manufacturing, communication with other people become much easier and it boosts the employment of a single woman, it changed everything at that time. But what happen when laptops and the internet came? It changed everything as well. It destroys many jobs for a typewriter because rather than using new technologies, many companies would still keep the old style. It is a fact that technologies destroy many jobs, but new jobs were created. Today, you will see

Website Designer



etc …

It is in fact help humans, making everything around us easier. another example just sees the ancient age when we still have to live around the river. If the group lived far from the river, they have to bring the water using baskets over and over again. It made their bodies become bigger and bulky because of the condition. But what happened after the well was invented? they didn’t have to bring the water from far away, they could just take it and their bodies become smaller as well. the water carrier’s job was gone but their community growth will be faster. the farming will become easier.

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Well you see, we don’t need to be afraid to change but we have to embrace it. Maybe, the AI of course kills the low-skill level jobs but what is the good side? The good side is, that humans will be forced to get out of their comfort zone and start to work at high skill level jobs. Today we do farming in the open field, who knows if we will do farming inside the building. Today we go to school every day, who knows if we will do an online learning school. We have to change. Really we have to because our civilization needs to grow to solve the world problems like climate change, politics, and diseases.




just a person who has many random things running inside my head and it make my head hurts so much. So, I think I just want to write it just to forget it. LOL

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just a person who has many random things running inside my head and it make my head hurts so much. So, I think I just want to write it just to forget it. LOL

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